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Welcome to Tiny Stars


Welcome to Tiny Stars Nursery, we are a dedicated nursery in Canterbury that aims to give your child the best start in their learning and development.


We encourage progressive learning through 7 areas, starting with communication, leading to topics such as mathematics and expressive arts and design.

Healthy Eating

We provide your children with a healthy and nutritious 4 week menu, catering for breakfast, lunch and tea with snacks in between.

Our Nursery

Our nursery offers high quality, safe facilities and has capacity for 32 children aged between 0-5 years old.

Diamond Staff

Our dedicated, well trained staff follow a well structured safe care policy – keeping your child feeling safe, secure and happy at all times in our nursery.


We go through every measure to make sure our nursery is perfect for your child, from settling in schemes including the parents to making sure they have a good sleep.

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