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Settling-in, procedure

Every child is different- some settle straight away while others take a while to feel secure. We aim to support every family with the settling-in process. Before your child starts their nursery life with us we will offer you a home visit. Seeing someone familiar already in the nursery setting can really help your child to settle. We will take this time to get to know you and your child, (what interests and skills they already have, likes and dislikes and how we can make you feel confident leaving your child in our care) and for you to get to know us. When your child first starts with us we offer 2-3 settling-in sessions. Your child’s key person will be with you for every settling session.

Settling-in session 1

The first session will be for 1 hour with a parent/carer. This is to familiarise your child and yourself with the setting and your child will feel safer to explore with familiar faces there.

Settling-in session 2

1 hour ½ hour with parent/carer and ½ hour without (if you feel your child is ready).

The final settling-in session

2 hours without parent/carer. By this time we aim for your child (and you) to feel safe, happy and ready to start their nursery life with us.
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